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Most people are not geniuses, they are average.

You are not a genius.

Most people who flunk out or drop out of school do not become billionaires.

Neither will you.

Most people who decide to give it their all and become various forms of artists will never be famous, noticed, wealthy or admired

(Though on a nano scale you may have people who do)

By a large margin most restaurants / startups fail.

You are not going to create the next unicorn.
yes this is not 100% accurate because it does happen.

Much like buying a lotto ticket.
People do win.

But you will not. (Almost entirely certain but again some do win).

People like Leonardo da Vinci are 1 out of many billions.

People like Jobs and Zuckerberg are a lot more common.
There are maybe 1000? 10.000?
If we say 100.000 that is about 0.0013% of the world population.

You are not in the 0.0013% (2019 estimate)

(Though you really need consider the privilege accorded people based. on where they live, where they were born, family.

If you win the lottery and grow up in a wealthy educated country, you have a HUGE advantage. Much like buying 1 lottery ticket drastically increases you chance of winning.

The point being nearly all people fail to be special.

They will not be remembered by the grater society after their death.
They will have made no huge impact on the world.
They will never make it big.

Thus, we should not focus our choices in life my making a few of the same choices that are advantageous for 1 in a billion.

We should not set our goals to achieve what they did.

We should focus on having a nice life, having a good set of friends, having enough money to live ok, having interesting hobbies, having a job that is ok.

A safe and dry place to live.
Some love.

We should expect and respect that we will be average.
That is not a failure.
That is what most likely will happen.
So set out to make the most of it.

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