Explicit scenes of terror from Bucha

Today the western world was bombarded by horrible pictures of
what is said to be civilian’s wo have allegedly been tortured and killed by the Russian military.

I would urge people to be cautious placing blame until an investigation has occurred into what and how it happened.

We are in a storm of war propaganda over Ukraine.
No active side tells the (whole) truth when there is a war on.

Skilled use of misinformation, interpretation and targeting and
manipulating you.

This is explicit targeted war pornography.

It speaks not to you, but to your beast.
It speaks to your hate.

We see hundreds of people who have been torn up.
it is hard to even process that for regular civilians.

This gives a shock and outrage response right away and
it is counter to our nature to not want to act NOW.

There is no time for contemplation
Burn the witch, lynch the negro, gas the jew.
and gang rape the girl.

It is time for the strategic bombers to fly.
For the B21 Raider shock and awe.

It is time to nuke Moscow to stop Putin,

Hopefully none of that.

But this is done with purpose and with skill.

It will justify to all what the next step might be.

The citizenry will not just allow it.  They will crave it.

They will support anything those in do.

Earlier hits:

  • Soviet landmines shaped like toys to kill Afghan children
  • Iraqi soldiers invading hospitals in Kuwait to kill and rape babies
  • Iraq WMDs, we act now or tomorrow there will be an  be an atomic nuclear mushroom cloud to wake up to.

There needs to be an investigation into how this happened.

The US has 24/7 coverage of parts of Ukraine, I dont know if it includes this part.

If so they might release footage, even if low resolution to show exactly how it happened.

Perhaps the Russians have it.

Either side or both may have reasons not to share it.

It might well be real.

Russia could have done it with intent.

To show the world what they are capable of.

If you mess with us, we will show no mercy.

For the world to see that NATO can’t do anything to stop it.

It could be a rouge Russian unit that lost it.

It could also have been staged by Ukraine with intent.

To justify expanding the war or getting more weapons,
or bring in new actors to the battlefield.

Or it could be a rouge Ukrainian unit that lost it.