What promises were made before the war?

I have a suspicion that Zelenskyy was promised a lot more help and assistance by the current administration than what he is getting.
Zelenskyy is having a series of Greta Thunberg moments.
He speaks in front of the most powerful people in the entire world.
They stand and applaud him, cheer at his speeches,
they cry at his losses, and they tell the world how important
This issue is and how we must act now.
But in the end as Greta said it is “blah blah blah blah”.
No real action or help ever comes.
Now Zelenskyy is stuck in a horrible war.
Ukraine cities are getting destroyed,
its citizen feeling, dying, and fighting.
It would never have gotten to this point,
unless he had assurances that help would
come and losses be small.